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A New Experience - Now available through iTunes
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An acoustic tribute to Jiffi Henbrix ---------------------------- Censored ------------------------------- This album cover is a little too close to the image of JH for the JH licensing department so they’ve requested its removal – Bollocks to that as I’ve only a few left to sell of the original pressing. Anyway, any resemblance to guitarists live or dead (except me of course) is purely coincidental and the image has been covered up. The cover certainly does not show an image of anyone with the initials JH- no siree, not anyone, uh huh, no. Of course any revolutionary, protest singing peace lover with the initials JH would never have understood the fuss anyway – I like to think anyone with those initials or any others like it would be pleased that someone thought enough of the music to keep it alive. Anyway, that cleared that up – now where’s that version of Star Sprinkled Wankers? Oh, I've also amended the song titles on this site to protect the innocent actual track names

Track Listing & Details:
 Track One  Highlay Child
 Track Two  Angle
 Track Three  Vindaloo Chile
 Track Four  The Wind Cries Fairy
 Track Five  Hey Bert
 Track Six  Purple Phaze
 Track Seven  Red Louse
 Track Eight  All Along The Place Where People Look Out For Things
 Track Nine  Phire
 Track Ten  Little Gold Wing
 Track Eleven  Stone Pee
 Track Twelve  The Learning Of The Midnight Cramp
 Track Thirteen  Poxy Lady
 Track Fourteen  May This Be Over

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