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Upton Blues Festival 2005 - No longer available
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Bands from the Upton Blues Festival

Track Listing & Details:

 Track One  When My Ship Comes In Roy Metté
 Track Two Strawberry  The Wiyos
 Track Three  Water Train The Barflys
 Track Four  Wildcat Indigomojo
 Track Five  Dr. Teeth The Dr Teeth Big Band
 Track Six  Bullets Storm Warning
 Track Seven  Urban Blues Groovyhead
 Track Eight  Rambli' Boogie Mike Sanchez
 Track Nine  Falling on Down Again Ian Siegal
 Track Ten  Man With The Blues The Papa George Band

Please obtain  a copy of Bands from upton Blues Festival from www.uptonbluesfestival.org.uk

Track One available in MP3

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