27 May 2015

A common problem with performers is juggling gigs, fitting in ‘proper’ work and getting up in the morning. I am therefore pleased to say that from the end of July this year I will no longer be working or getting up in the morning!

I recon the Solo, Roy Mette Band, Captain Morgan's Rum Do and 60's Project gigs will keep me up late and disgraceful so I won't get lazy!!!!!!! More gigs - that's all I need.... oh, and a pillow.... a driver.... an agent.... a lottery win....

Look out, there's a new album about!

Thames, Sails and Scallywags Tales' is it!

15 original historically based tracks of life in London along the Thames.  Dodgy doings and dodgy people feature in numbers such as the Great Fire of 1666, The Great Plague, London Docks and executions, blotches, fleas, prisons life, the Impress and the lot of the common man are just some of the subjects covered.   Not bad for a tenner plus postage, all things considered.

See the discography page for full track listing.

The Vibralism alum is doing really well and I even sell some when i remember to take them to gigs - buy one.... they are a rare breed.

Track listing is in discography.

And.... a London related solo album 'Thames, Sails and Scallywags Tales' to be released in September 2014 - think pirate style....

Clips on Soundcloud.

Here's a link to a Folkcast programme that featured one of my songs, the Fire of '66, as one of its 'story behind the song' features.  The Folkcast itself has some interesting and varied music and my bit starts at 56:50 minutes in - enjoy.


I've also been iTuned and most albums and/or tracks are available that way.  The new folk related album 'Joining Dots' is on there now.   This one is unlikely to be produced as a physical album but gets out of my head some of those songs that have lurked around for a while.

There will be another blues related album soon but I'm not sure yet if it will be under the band name or mine alone as it's not really representative of our live set.  It will be called 'No Tern Left Unstoned' and I warn you now it has some unusual stuff (for me) on it!

The oft threatened 'Thames, Sails and Scallywags  Tales' is complete (Hurrah!) and I'm just deciding what to do with that.

I'll also post some strange things from time to time on Soundcloud.    

So there - an update in the same year as the subject matter!

Not bad for me......

RSM 22.11.2013 

Nuts: what do mean it's out of date already??????

"A man whose guitar playing leaves you gasping,
whose voice can turn from a gentle whisper to window-rattling bellow,
whose songwriting ability seems boundless and
whose interpretations of other people’s material always brings an individual twist,
Roy is deservedly gaining greater recognition
with appearances at Festivals throughout the UK and gigs in Europe." Digital Blues

"what a voice, what a guitar!" Blues Matters

"solo wizardry" CD Choice of the Month

"I just can't wait for the next album from Roy." The Blues Store

"It will cultivate in even the staunchest couch potato a sense of Golden Wonder".
Colin Sinclair, Orkney Blues Festival



A little bit Sean Connery, a little bit Roger Moore, handsome, kind, generous, sweet: these are just some of the words never used to describe Roy Mette.


So what is he? He is a guitarist, singer and songwriter who has been performing since the mid ‘70s. He plays solo or in bands; covers blues, rock and folk and has a jolly good time doing it!


Roy has now released 15 full length CD’s to date, two of which were recorded for the Blues Matters record label to which he was signed. 



For the record (no pun intended) Roy’s first recorded output was in 1980 with the NWoBHM band Warrior. This was a 10 inch vinyl single that seemed a good idea at the time but wouldn’t fit into any jukeboxes so had a limited appeal.


He stems from what became known as the Thames Delta blues scene during the Seventies. Scores of fine blues outfits spilled out from the area at that time – Mickey Jupp’s Legend, Dr Feelgood, The Kursaal Flyers, Eddie and the Hot Rods etc.


So now Roy plays solo or with the band in any areas where blues and British folk tradition meet, increasingly playing established, highly rated acoustic gigs and festivals in an attempt to prove his worth in a genre where songs demand a meaningful lyric.


Roy is a songwriter of some standing but live performance is where he really excels – go see him now!