The Acoustic Stuff

The freedom to express yourself is a rare thing and for Roy this means performing. 

The acoustic side of the man ranges across styles and genres with original numbers and mixed covers, Roy particularly enjoys taking well known songs and performing them in new, unexpected ways. 

Acoustic styles? Try blues, rock, folk, singer/songwriter, pirate, historical themed and downright odd!

Strong vocals and guitar styles lend themselves to all sorts of musical shenanigans but sublety is present in equal measure.

Intense?  Yep, can be....

Hear a pin drop?  Yep

Having performed for many more years than he cares (or can) remember he thrives in venues of any size but especially where an audience is there to listen - the more they listen the better he plays.

Hell, he's even been known to play the odd restaurant or house party bringing another side of his character to the fore keeping his hand in playing pop/rock stuff.

A self confessed guitaraholic acoustic Gibsons and Martins are never far away but he also uses Takamine for 12 string duties.

This is Roy with Big Gib.
ography - Steve Dulieu

Roy and Phil Burdett back in the dark ages.