Captain Morgan's Rum Do

Scabs, death, rats, puss and gore.... squelch right up gents and gentlewenches....

Captain Morgan's Rum Do do, so to speak.  They do at festivals and clubs of the folky sort!

CMRD came into being as the result of Roy buying a book - yes, he can read as well. That book was The Mammoth Book of Pirates which gave Roy an idea for a song - several years and 60 songs later Roy now has a catalogue of said stuff relating to the 16th to 18th centuries and dealing with subject matter as diverse as piracy in the Golden Age and life of London, its characters and life along the River Thames.

Two albums have been spawn-ed - 'Pirates of the East Coast of the Americas and the Caribbean Sea' and 'Thames, Sails and Scallywags Tales', both currently available through this website, as downloads on 't'web and critically acclaimed by Roy himself! 
Would he lie to you dear reader?

Roy sings and plays guitar, percussionist Cerne Deverell hits things like his dong and the a Capella trio Triangle (Sophie Watson, Mim McMahon and Sue Manley) hold the whole thing together to stop it getting too messy.

CMRD perform this material in clubs of the folky kind and festivals all over the UK.

Sung with English rather than American accents these songs attempt to evoke an atmosphere of the time and subject matter.  They aim to tell mostly true tales in a fun and enlightening way.

Scabs, pus, hangings, great fires, the plague... ah, happy times!