The 60's Project came about by Roy having recorded two instrumental tracks for the album Vibralism.  One track is a Shadows style number called Blue Surf Shadows (Geddit?) and the other Vibralism which he wrote on a guitar called a Vibraslim but he got the name wrong..... with me so far?

One particular venue suggested Roy perform said song as an opener for a well known 60's style band, The Rapiers. Roy's characteristically mad answer to this was to agree with the proviso that he write an entire set of original material that sounded like it could have dated from the 60's.  A challenge, dear reader, a challenge (and proof they are not all in the asylum). 

And lo! Roys little acorns grew!

Songs were written, beer was drunk and rehearsals held.

The result was The 60's Project and with original numbers mixed in with a few well known standards to keep the audience awake the band was off!

Ballads, Spaghetti Western style instruments, rockers - they're all there.

Band members come and go in this project but the emphasis remains the vibe of the times.

Critically acclaimed by absolutely no one the 60's Project has yet to be recorded and unleashed on an unsuspecting world but you never know.....  Hmmmm maybe vinyl's the obvious way to go....