22 February 2017

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Orkney Blues 2016 - Photo - Tony Winfield

Colne 2016 - Photo - Steve Dulieu

Colne 2016 - Photo - Steve Dulieu

Colne 2016 - Photo - Steve Dulieu

But, for something completely different:

The only gig booked for this occasional ensemble this year was to support Chris Farlowe and the Norman Beaker Band at the Clarets Bar, Chelmsford FC on 18th June.

The concept of the 60's Project was to create music that could have been written in the 1960's.  I don't know why, it seemed a good idea at the time.  Trouble is it has taken on a bit of a life of its own and people enjoy it - I know, weird but true!

Shadows / Ventures / Dick Dale style instrumentals; ballads; you name it and I'll try it.  Good fun and certainly different!

The tracks 'Vibralism' and 'Blue Surf Shadows' on the album Viralism give some idea of the direction and who knows where it will end.

Latest Albums......

The Blurbity Blurb Bit............

There are many sides to Roy Mette and almost as many styles and types of music. You may see him in bands or solo in clubs, bars and at festivals in the UK or across mainland Europe. What you get wherever you see him play is quality. Take a look at the discography section of this website to peruse his recorded output and see which ones are available to buy mail order. You'll even find some of the albums on the Interwidewotsit on Amazon, CD Baby, Spotify and loads of others. One folk based album 'Joining Dots' is only available as a download.

Roy is a self-confessed guitar nut as most guitarists are although performance instruments seem to have stabilised in recent years; Fenders and Gibsons are never far away on an electric stage and acoustic duties most often feature Gibson, Goodall, Taylor and Takamine guitars. Amps tend to be Fender De Ville's but historically it was Marshall all the way.

So what does Roy do now? Read on, dear reader, read on.....

The Roy Mette Band was forged in the tradition of British Blues/Rock showing off Roy's ample skills on electric guitar and this three piece band plays his own original material and Rory Gallagher covers. Roy is featured on guitar and vocals with Andy Bostock taking the bass guitar duties and David George Allen looking after the drums. Having collaborated with many musicians over the years there are four band albums available for purchase; 'Plugged', 'The Silver Bullet Kid', 'Three & Five Live' and the latest offering 'Vibralism'. An early album, the live 'A Right Performance' is sadly no longer available.

In the 1980's Roy fronted the three piece NWOBHM (New Wave of British Heavy Metal) band Warrior, fondly remembered by hearing aid specialists everywhere. A ten inch single was produced in 1980 that sold at gigs for 1.50! Never completing another studio project an album of demos was released in the 2000's in limited quantities in order to document the bands catalogue at that time. Joining Roy on the single were bassist Martin Jones and drummer Steve Halford.

These days you are as likely to see Roy in a solo context as his acoustic leanings have never been far from the surface. His own material covers a range of styles and is singer/songwriter, blues, melody and power with feeling all in one package. As a solo act he has appeared on stages all over Europe and continues to do so whenever his schedule allows. Tailoring sets to suit the venue he may be bluesy and introspective or loud and brash or a mix of all. He'll even play the odd restaurant or house party bringing another side of his character to the fore keeping his set list to well known classic, rock and blues numbers.

Roy also runs a band called The 60's Project and this is another outlet for Roy's song writing and performance skills. This project came about by Roy being asked to write a number of songs in 2014 that could have been written in the 1960's. This was in order to support one of the premier acts on the 60's circuit, The Rapiers. Songs were written, beer was drunk and rehearsals held. The result was The 60's Project and with those original numbers mixed in with well known standards of the day the band was off! Band members come and go in this project but the emphasis on entertainment within the genre is always constant.

Although a well respected singer and guitarist Roy is a prolific songwriter as you can tell from the above. Add to that yet another project Captain Morgan's Rum Do and you see yet another side of the man and his skills. CMRD came into being as the result of buying a book - yes, he can read as well. That book was The Mammoth Book of Pirates which gave Roy an idea for a song - several years and about 60 songs later Roy has a catalogue of songs that relate to the 16th to 18th centuries dealing with subject matter as diverse as piracy in the Golden Age and life of London, Londoners and life along the River Thames. The project has spawned two albums 'Pirates of the East Coast of the Americas and the Caribbean Sea' and 'Thames, Sails and Scallywags Tales', both currently available through this website and as a download all over the place. In quorum with a percussionist (Cerne Deverell) and the a Capella trio Triangle (Sophie Watson, Mim McMahon and Sue Manley) Roy performs this material in folk clubs and at festivals all over the UK. Folksy in feel and sung in English rather than American these songs attempt to evoke an atmosphere of the time and subject matter and aim to tell mostly true tales in a fun and enlightening way. Scabs, pus, hangings, great fires, the plague... ah, happy times!

So that's it eh? Not quite....

Never short of a project or two there are more albums in the can and others planned; The 60's Project and the second Pirate album are ready to go and should be released sometime in 2015.

2015 also sees Roy devoting himself full-time to music and performance so drop him a line from this website if you have an event or venue that could do with a little 'Royness' and he'll be pleased to talk it over with you.